Hire Terms

We’ve made hiring a car from Deniz Rent a Car a simple and easy process so you can get back to more important things. You’ll receive a full set of terms and conditions when receiving your car, but these are some of the more important points. 

Who can drive our cars?

Anybody over 21 that has held a driving license for a minimum of 2 years may drive our rental cars. All we require is a passport and driver’s licence (an international driver’s license is not required) – it’s as simple as that. Unlike most car hire companies you can add additional drivers for free of charge – however, the drivers must be named on the contract and they must still be able to produce a valid license and passport. 

Who is responsible for wear and tear, repairs and fines? 

While you rent the car, you are responsible for it. That means you will be liable for any parking fines or speeding tickets issued during your rental period.

You are responsible for the periodic maintenance of the car (such as oil changes and tyre pressure for example), but we will carry out these tasks for you free of charge at our offices. Should these be carried out by an authorised service we can repay you the charge on receipt of an invoice.

While we pay the costs of all normal mechanical wear and tear, you will be charged should the car require any repairs that are caused by something other than normal use, or due to your own fault or negligence. 

What happens if I’m involved in a car accident? 

If you are involved in a road traffic accident you must ask for a correspondence report from the police. You may be liable to cover certain costs that aren’t covered by insurance, such as windscreen damage, or if the damage was caused by misuse.

If the car needs to be repaired you will need to pay the ordinary rental charge for the period that it is being repaired.

There is no extra charge for CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance.

When is insurance not valid? 

There are certain conditions under which your insurance will not be valid – these are just a few of them: if speed limits are broken or traffic regulations ignored; if driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; if the accident happens after expiry of the agreed rental period; and if the driver is found to be 100% at fault.