Special offer!

Our special offer incorporates a hassle-free airport transfer with a high quality rental car, giving you both the freedom you want on your holiday and the convenience of being taken directly to your destination. 

By basing our car rental business locally rather than at an airport we’re able to offer our customers fantastic prices on all our hire cars. Of course, that does mean you have to find a way from the airport to Kaş. While you could rely on other companies to provide your airport transfer, you won’t find anybody as cheap as us when you take advantage of our special offer:

If you book a car with us for at least 21 days/ 3 weeks you’re only required to pay the cost of the fuel – the cost of the transfer vehicle and driver is absolutely free. You can search online for as long as you want, but you won’t find another company offering private transfers that is able to compete with our low costs. 

Why choose us?

So why not just choose to rent a car from a company based at the airport? Well, apart from being less expensive, having our driver take you to and from the airport allows you to enjoy all the convenience of an airport pickup but with plenty of extra benefits. 

For a start you don’t need to be concerned about being too tired if you have an early morning or late night flight. If you want to relax and enjoy a couple of alcoholic drinks on your flight into Antalya or Dalaman you don’t have to worry about being over the limit once you land. Our local drivers also know the area very well – there’s no chance of you getting lost on your way to the airport and missing your flight. Our solution isn’t just cheaper, it’s much more convenient.

To book this special offer, first choose from our full range of hire cars and book for a minimum of one week. Then simply select your arrival airport – we’ll do the rest.  

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