Driving in Turkey

Many people enjoy driving through the Antalya province of Turkey because of the fantastic sights that can be found around every corner – but please do remember to keep your eyes on the road. For others, driving in a foreign country may initially cause concern. However, there’s nothing to worry about – driving in Turkey is an enjoyable experience as long as you obey the rules of the road and remember to stay safe, just like in any other country. 

Road Conditions and Hazards

Roads in Turkey are well maintained, with the main highways being of a similar condition to those found in Europe. However, there may be some hazards on small country roads that you aren’t used to encountering at home – herds of sheep and goat for example, so do take care when coming around a corner!

The Price of Driving

There are no toll roads to be found in the region from Antalya to Dalaman, so you don’t need to worry about having spare change on you. Fuel prices in Turkey are similar to those found in the UK, with diesel being cheaper than petrol. Don’t forget, hire cars from Deniz Rent a Car don’t come with hidden charges, so budgeting for your total transport costs should be simple – just don’t forget to start thinking in km!

Rules of the Road 

Remember that, like most countries in the world but unlike in the UK, cars in Turkey always drive on the right.

While most of the other driving rules in Turkey are the same as in the UK, there is one unusual rule you need to be aware of: cars entering roundabouts, rather than those already on the roundabout, have the right of way.

Speed limits in Turkey are generally 50 km/h (30mph) for built up areas, 90 km/h (55 mph) for open roads, and 120 km/h (75 mph) on motorways. As well as remembering to keep to these speed limits, ensure that you always wear a seatbelt for your safety.

Drivers are reminded that there are laws dictating how much alcohol a person can drink if they wish to drive, and that breathalysing checkpoints are frequent. If you are under any doubt about whether you have had too much to drink you should let someone who isn’t over the limit drive (Deniz Rent a Car allows you to name extra drivers at no extra cost).